About us

About us
Emza Group is not a company that was created on the day it was registered as a legal entity. There was a long process of preparation of terrain and connections across the globe behind that decision. The professional and experienced team of Emza Group, which has expanded the network of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors all over the world for the past five years, decided to turn a new page in BiH in 2019 and introduce a new solution to the market. We can proudly say that our team can give an offer when it comes to goods and merchandise from all over the world, from countries such as India, China, Russia, Iran, Brazil, Paraguay, Australia, South Africa, Morocco etc. Thanks to a great network of our partners, our team will respond to each query as soon as possible and present purchase prices and deli- very solutions to the desired end-location. Over the long period of cooperation, we have gained trust of our suppliers and manufac- turers, and we are presen- ting them now on the markets of BiH, the Balkans and Europe.
Goal and mission
Since we are well aware of opportunities and capacities of the European market that are largely supplied by channels that do not pass through BiH, we have been determined to help distributors operating in BiH to purchase the goods they need. Asian countries are still unexplored source that is not used in its full capacity when it comes to our market. Distance, inaccessibility or, in some cases, "insecurity or unlawfulness" of trade cooperation with these countries often represent an obstacle for our distributors and manufacturers in order for them to take steps towards further co-operation. Emza Group is here to facilitate and establish trade co-operation with those markets, whether it is distant India, cold Russia, great China or closed Iran. Furthermore, with our help you will get rid of brokers who are in many cases unnecessary cost to the buyers.
Our services
Our largest network of supplier is in the food industry gives us this capabilities to supply almost everything in the industry especially with best price and quality. However, our possibilities are not limited to this. It is widely known that the largest oil reserves are located in the Middle East. Therefore, along with the food industry, we are also cooperating with major producers of construction materials and petroleum products from the Middle East. If you have already found an ideal manufacturer or distributor in one of the countries from all around the world, but you encountered certain issues when it comes to executing a contracted work, you can count on us. Our team will do its best to facilitate the whole process for you and offer you a successful partnership with your partner through our channels. In order to help our clients we provide services different fields of business such as:

- Business consultancy & PR
(Cooperation with traders and businessmen in order to facilitate their business process. When you are worried about the situation, we are there to bring trust and confidence with full confidentiality of information. That is not all! We can help you with anything related to finalize the deal such as negotiation, payment, shipment etc.)

- International marketing
(Willing to get in touch with different companies and manufacturer in different businesses from all over world to cooperate and joint business. Or to expand and introduce your products or services through our global business networks.

Looking for new opportunities!
Today's world is a world of networks and acquaintances. Each channel and link represents additional wealth in company's portfolio. With the wish to expand our network of partners every day, we are open to new proposals, new experiences and new deals with partners from different parts of the world as well as different industries. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions regarding cooperation and doing business.
Smart Parking
EMZA Group is proud to announce innovative and advanced solutions when it comes to parking. Taking into consideration that in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other large cities, there are major issuues with the construction of parking due to lack of space, our company offers a durable, efficient and cost-effective solution. "Smart parking solutions" give investors an opportunity to make quick returns and a bigger profit, and we are helping users and car owners to find a quality and safe parking space. We inherited the experience that we have in the process of realization of this business from the largest and best companies that provide such services all around the world, and which have more than 20 years of experience. The indicator of the quality of our products is the number of countries where our products are used, and there is a total of 32 of those countries.